Saturday, 16 December 2017

17th Century [Hypothetical] Anglo-French v Dutch Naval Clash (Part 1)

Another run out for the 17th Century naval rules. This time instead of a fleet engagement it was a peculiar "protect the convoy" scenario. A joint Anglo-French force is protecting a valuable merchantman. A squadron of Royal Dutch warships appear and although outnumbered 2:1 make a daring attack on the convoy. The Dutch sail into battle with a slight tactical advantage as the weather gauge runs left to right in their favour (see below, note this could always change as the weather is fickle): 

The British and French escorts tack to meet the Dutch threat (see below):

The Dutch disregarding their inferior numbers plough on ahead ambivalent seemingly to the odds and dangers of closing with the enemy (see below):

The British take the lead in the attack while the French squadron guards the prize merchantman closely (see below):

The British Squadron "crosses the Dutch Tee" but is well outside of effective gun range but the cunning Dutch Admiral sends his two fire ships into action with the aim of throwing the British line into chaos while turning to attack the French (see below)

Much mischief is caused by the fire-ships amongst the British. Meanwhile the French man-o-war close in on the Dutch. The valuable merchantman is hanging back, laden with silver and gold from the Indies it is rumoured. Others say there is a stranger cargo on board. What ever it is she is valuable enough to be escorted by six ships of the line and two small fire ship frigates (see below):

Next: Has the Dutch gambit payed off or are they all doomed?

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