Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sci-Fi Project: The Yaeter (Part 4)

My first "Yeater Task Force" formed up (as per Star Gruntz army builder rules) into an "insertion formation" [150 points]. Twenty two bodies all told (see below: three basic six man squads [in a diagonal running down the photograph top left to bottom right], a two man command team [top middle] and a two man [sniper] asset [top right]):

Close up of the First Squad (see below, obviously laying down covering fire):

  • 4 x StarGruntz
  • 1 x Missile Man
  • 1 x Laz Man (LMG equivalent) 

Close up of the Third Squad (see below, on "point"):

Seen from the perspective of the rear "Command Position" (see below):

Overall I am quite please with how they have come out :)

Note to self: I still have another fifteen figures to finish off (in the same painting style methinks), but the above force is supposed to be dropped from a heavy transport (photo to follow in another post) and is "all" that is needed for my first game of StarGruntz.

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