Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Provocative Titles from The History of Wargaming Project: Innovations in Wargaming Volumes 1 to 3

Dear Santa,

Please bring me something "thought provoking" this Xmas. Such as (see below, "Ping as if by magic" something appeared via Amazon Prime):

For those who have trouble reading the tilted titles they are the: Innovations in Wargaming Series from The History of Wargames Project by John Curry and various talented people associated with the Wargames Development group and people who put on the CoW (Conference of Wargamers) events. Boxing Day reading is now sorted ;)

Thank You - Santa (or rather those people who love and know me and simply ask what would you like this Xmas, other than the "socks" we are also getting you)!


Matt Crump said...

Yes I think would like them too.....but I need some socks !

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Is it a sign of old age when you prefer socks with things on so you can put them together more easily?

The ones that go Monday .. Sunday are no good as quite often I was a Wednesday on the left foot and Thursday on the right foot yet I knew it was really Monday ;)

PS Books (like boardgames) are worth whatever their price IMHO if (and only if: iff) they are read or played at least once ;)