Thursday, 28 December 2017

DBA Version 3.0: Sparta v Argives (Part 3) The Replay

The Argives after their poor PiP point roll have but one attack that "bounces" back. There is an "air gap" between the two opposing armies. The Argive General braces himself for the Spartan counterattack (see below):

The Spartan King decides to launch his right but refuse the left (otherwise it would be "turned" dangerously the next turn, akin to the Argive position the previous turn). The Arives bounce back but as the dice fall  one Argive spear is cut down by being doubled (see below, Argive 2 Spartan 1):

While the Argives were nibbling away at one end (the Spartan left) the Spartans have broken the Argive middle as well as turning their end (the Argive left). This is a very dangerous development as it fragments the Argive line and creates three points of attack. The Spartans also have scope for extending their left by an additional hoplite Spear stand. The Argives need to respond quickly (see below):

Not being blessed with a great many PiPs the Argive General concentrated in sending in his own General (hoplite Spear) stand against the helot Hoard stand, flanked by a stand of Psiloi (2 PiPs). With odds of (5 to 1) the helots die bravely being doubled. The only other combats result in a stand-off in the middle (which looks ominous for the Argives next turn) and a favourable push-back (despite 3- 5 odds in the Spartans favour) on the Argive left helps to merely straighten the line up. As seemingly always in wargames the carefully placed terrain piece means that as a certain critical point the 'toy soldiers' cannot stand-up straight (see the bottom left of the picture and the two stands of Argive Spears falling back up the hill). Argives 3 Spartans 1 .. what can the Spartans do? (see below):

The Spartan King (again not blessed with great PiP dice, as in "what a time to roll a one") decides to crush the Argive centre by "closing the door". The result however is more a product of DBA 3 than DBA 2. The factors are Sparta 3 (Spear +4 - 1 for an overlap) and Argives 4 (Spear 4 -1 for overlap but +1 for flank support) but if the Argives lose they die. The result if  is "another stand-off" a good result to say the least for the Argive (see below): 

The Argives having seen the Spartans claw themselves back into the battle are at this point merely glad to have a chance to end it. Receiving three PiPs their options are limited but under further inspection only two PiP are required. The vital PiP is spent on the Argive General to close the door on another Spartan hoplite Spear and hopefully "end the battle". The battle line advances in support, which could also mean a dead Argive hoplite in the middle (gulp). The third PiP is used to move the left hand side Psiloi into the rear of the Spartan rear. If the battle lasts another turn it may yet come in useful.

The final round of combat .. the Argive General leads a successful attack and kills the Spartan hoplite Spear so thus winning the battle. In addition another Spartan hoplite Spear falls in most unusual circumstances [Argive Spear attacked to the front but flanked +4 but -1  for being outflanked yet +1 for friendly side support = +4 and +5 dice roll = +9 total versus the Spartan Spear +4 but - 1 for it too being flanked -1 = +3 and +1 dice roll =  +4]. The 5:1 dice roll sealed its fate and means the Spartans are doubled and killed. Final score: Argives 5 Spartans 2 (see below):

Rematch two ends. Two wins for the Argives. One match to the. 'master. and one match to his 'apprentice' or 'troubadour'. Another game is scheduled for the new year. Until then best wishes to one and all for the New Year.

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