Sunday, 3 December 2017

Sci-Fi Project: The Yaeter (Part 3)

After the Airfix While Satin highlight I thought the (newly painted) Yeater were looking too parade ground shiny so I decided to give them a slight Yellow Sepia Vallejo Wash around the crevices and recesses. This meant a slight touch up of the Airfix Satin White was required, but IMHO was well worth it (see below):

The yellowy look gives the 'grime' effect I am looking for. Next up I will have to go back and do a bit of sand terrain basing before going back to do the "other twenty" before I start thinking of Xmas present additions to my forces from GZG (see below, nearly ready for the tabletop):

As I was painting the small GZG (New Israeli) Yaeter I couldn't help dabble with this 54mm Star Wars figure from my youngest sons collection. The colour schemes are very compatible and you can see where my inspiration was coming from. He is only party done. The top half is benefiting from the shiny Airfix Satin White. The rear has lots of kit details I may have to "just make up" (after all it is just Sci-Fi) or scan some Star Wars images (see below, may need to experiment with some washes and Humbrol weathering dust I pick up a while back but have not yest used):

One disturbing comment from my youngest son was that he preferred the smaller toys. I will have to watch out here as they may go AWOL!

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