Saturday, 2 December 2017

Sci-Fi Project: The Yaeter (Part 2)

This is sort of my "Wargaming Advent Calendar" in the run up to Xmas, a post a day. Therefore the next stage of my 15mm Sci-Fi fictional Yaeter race of humanoids (see below, half [20] of my collection of [40] figures are on the Painting Tray) :

Nearest to the camera shows a "completed" Yaeter Trooper, behind him comes a field of WIP. After the primer undercoat and wash, Vallejo Game Stone Grey was applied (in a gappy crevice/recess leaving fashion) then followed by a Vallejo Game Dead While highlight. A mixture of Vallejo Game Gun Metal and Anita's Acrylics Metallic Black (2:3 ratio) was applied to anything that looked like part of a gun or helmet visor [just to get it "dark shiny"]. This was then dampened with a Vallejo Sepia (certainly it was brown) Wash to dull things down and emphasise the shadows again.

They are mow waiting to dry overnight and for the Airfix Acrylic Satin White to be applied to (sparingly) raise a shiny white highlight and also lightly highlight weapons with Vallejo Game Gun Metal. Next comes the basing .. watch this space!

Psst. They may even be the forces I even use for some fun with the Portable Wargame concept from Rob Cordery's fertile mind!


Renko said...

Looking very nice

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Renko

They are getting nearer and nearer to being able to see your "Crusties" up close and personal

I will have to review the suggested OrBat you sent me.
At the moment I am merely trying to maintain the "roll" I am on painting up the small collection of 15mm Sci-Fi lead I have

Some of those dodgy cheap Matchbox rip-offs might have to be next ;)
The Yaeter need light APC transport [air-lift capable] to supplement their light drop ships

All good fun except that I seam to get too interested in the GZG catalogue.
I think I also have an inkling to play a game of Traveller!