Sunday, 24 December 2017

Strelets Arab Revolt Figures

Psst: Don't tell Santa but I opened one of my presents early (the "Elf on the Shelf" moves to the naughty corner), the 1/72 Strelets Arab Revolt Figures. I saw these courtesy of getting my older brother a model kit from Hannats online store and I simply could not resist them. I actually blame The Miniature Zone and his excellent Bolt Action Western Desert Game AAR for putting the idea into my head. He used the old Airfix Arabs figures but sadly I could not get my hands on them so I jumped at the chance of getting the Strelets ones (see below):

Thirteen figures per sprue and four sprues equals 52 figures, you cannot complain about that! My only regret now is not getting the mounted camel box too. Maybe in the New Year. I was thinking of using these to spice up Western Desert games. They are brilliant for Arabs, Bedouin Guides attached to 8th Army or DAK or even LRDP (or SAS) posing as Arabs. Enigmatic don't you think? Quite heavily armed too, as there are four Vickers HMGs and four Lewis LMGs included in the pack.

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