Thursday, 21 December 2017

Scenery: Airfix Resin House (20mm or 1/76)

Now I have plenty of "kit" (metal/plastic, resin balsa and glue), far too much kit ever to paint in some cases but I lack scenery. I tend to rely on the charity of others or clubs. I now bitterly regret some 3-5 years ago at Xmas not jumping of the great "Airfix resin building sale", being sold off at half price or less (in hindsight, such a wonderful thing, a bargain and a half). Instead of those "ruined buildings" I went for big stupid models I will probably never build (though they came in glorious big shiny boxes for sure). So when I was wandering around Hobby Craft I saw that they were selling one (a single lonely last model on shelf) at half price (£5 to you and me), in nice "ruined French Cafe". On a whim I took a chance and was mightily impressed (tinged with the regret I have just expressed) as the resin was clearly moulded, high detail and just right for 20mm (or 1/76 as advertised). A very nice piece of kit. This means I have three WW2 ruined houses to put together and paint. The Airfix Command Post (which I got for sentimental reasons), this resin kit and a Valiant house [will has a cunning Russian Doll aspect to it]. All suitable for Chain of Command or Cross-Fire wargaming as figures can nicely fit inside (see below):

Over Xmas I plan to try and gather together various bits and bobs together to see if I can put together a WWII urban/sub-urban battlefield (again CrossFire or Chain of Command .. or rather how short I am on "other material". I have an inkling to explore the newer MDF laser-cut kit too, but they do look awfully expensive, well from memory at least. Any tips from fellow wargamers would be very warmly appreciated ;)


Michał Kucharski said...

looking very, very good :)

Michał Kucharski said...

looking very, very good :)

Al said...

expensive, but versatile

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Michal, it should get "washed" in Vallejo Black or Brown fairly quickly and that should make it "table top serviceable", after all I have used cardboard squares in the past ;)

Al, yes laying out the $ for them is the hard part as I often thought .. "I would rather spend that on the OoB kit" instead" once bought however they stay forever useful

Best Wishes