Friday, 1 December 2017

Sci-Fi Project: The Yaeter (Part 1)

Wargaming Promise #1 to fellow wargamer. I will finish painting the StarGruntz 15mm GZG Sci-Fi kit I first started back in November 2014! Not my longest running wargaming project but embarrassing because of how few figures there actually are and how small and easy to paint they are (40 in total plus some odds and sods "random Sci-Fi" stuff I found lying around). The first batch of twenty troopers are here (see below, early days as the first primer coat, wash, grey shade has been put on, more white, wash and satin white to follow): 

Half my "platoon". Two squads of ten men (humanoids) each, a manoeuvre team of a NCO plus fire light "laser shooters", then a commanding officer ("Lewt") with supporting heavy (heavier) section. The heavier section deploys a two man(? .. well humanoid) "missile" (anti-armour [AT] or anti-air [AA]) team with shooter and lazer spotter/sniper and two heavier "LAZ guns" with a bit more kick to them. The other twenty troops replicate (as in the same figures of) the above. I think the overall force  needs a Platoon Command HQ and a Heavy Supports Section, but I have not decided "what form" that should take.

Even though I put up an initial form of resistance I am coming round to an Order of Battle that is looking more and more like a Chain of Command WWII squad/platoon organisation. Hmm, I feel that I may need to shake that up a bit by putting some funky AI mechanised micro-armour and special automated gun pods, or augmented human robotic helpers in the mix. This means mixing up the Ground Zero Games ranges which I think is a good thing in itself. Perhaps even some "civs" be it scientists or technicians or maybe even the odd crazy couple of mercenaries/scouts.

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