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Chain Of Command: Normandy Campaign Game (2) - Infiltration of the Enemy Frontline

Chain of Command: Patrol Phase

The scenario allowed the Germans to deploy their picket screen just under half-way across the board (see the line of crosses below). The Allied (British) player advanced from the baseline 1d6 x (twelve inch) moves. The tricky bit is keeping a continuous string of patrol counters as they cannot wander more than twelve inches from another friendly unit. Then both sides moved alternatively until all the patrol counters became "fixed" as they came within twelve inches of an enemy counter. Thankfully I rolled a decent "4" and could advance away from the baseline to extend my deployment area options (see below):

As seen fro the British baseline, the "Tommies" have almost made it to the ruined houses, which is rather alarming for the German player (see below):

As seen from the German baseline, the Germans had concentrated their efforts against the British right whee they attacked last time. I think their intention was to pin the British right flank but they gave me an opening in the middle, which on the advice of 12 Platoon commander I took with "both hands" (see below):

Now the fiddly bit, one by one I convert the four patrol counters into three jump off points through a complicated byzantine trigonometrical process involving sticks. Thankfully other better, more capable  souls were in charge of the process. The result is shown below, with the key point being the small Allied circle in the "Grey House". This allows the British a 'route one' into a 'hard cover, two story' position (see below):

The Germans on the other hand are forced back to the 'hard cover' position on their baseline and one left side (dangerous looking for the British right flank) out-flanking position in the hedgerow (see below, top left side of the picture):

The British jump-off positions without the clutter of the patrol markers (see below):

The British have a clear advantage moving into the deployment phase. The German player realised by a combination of fortuitous dice throw (the "4") and his fixation on the British 'right flank' the Tommies are about to deploy in strength in 'hard cover' in the middle of the battlefield.

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