Tuesday, 29 April 2014

French Sea-Wolves (Part II of III)

The French Formation Turns:

The French fleet (ahem, OK their two ship squadron) turns in succession (see below):

The British suffer 'lost sails' which makes an already  tactically challenging situation with an unfavourable "weather gauge" even more challenging (see below):

The Gun Fight Continues: 

The French have scored early hits. The British however do at last get a telling reply in from their 100 gun broadside and French sails come crashing down (see below):

The alternating shots (as the French fire 'every other go') from the French Squadron at least give them continuous fire (see below):

The Royal Navy are suffering. The expected devastating broadside of the 100 gunner is not manifesting itself as the Death Star it was expected to be. In fact the British gunners are statistically "missing" more than expected. The lead French ship is taking hits and her compatriot is bunching up to her because of her reduced speed (see below):

The second French ship is now freed for independent action rather than be masked by or mask the guns of her admiral in the lead.

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