Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Dual Revisited (5): Closing Rounds

The Le Franklin's masts and rigging are now in a poor and sorry state of affairs (see below):

Her only hope is to try and pull away, clear the fallen rigging from her decks and hope for a change of wind or sea state to escape. HMS Thunderer meanwhile has other ideas and gives Le Franklin a medium range broadside, but misses (see below):

Undaunted, with a deft turn of the helm HMS Thunderer comes about with the intent of causing more mischief aboard the labouring Frenchman (see below):  

A stern rake to add to the Le Franklin's agony. The French crew morale is plummeting (see below):

The final act of the drama ensues, a short chase is on as HMS Thunderer mercilessly pursues Le Franklin, the Royal Navy captain is obviously thinking of the prize money at stake (see below):

The Frenchman sees the Royal Navy gaining, with no hope of rescue, the French Captain eventually "strikes her colours" to signal surrender and preserve life (see below):

So ends the min-epic sea drama. Two - nil to the Royal Navy so far!

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