Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Chain Of Command: Normandy Campaign Game (4) - Fritz Wakes Up

The German Response:

Was immediate and potent. A German Panzer Grenadier Squad (that's two MG42's and some riflemen to you and me) sitting on the British right flank, the newly deployed Third Squad and Senior NCO from 16 Platoon along with the Sniper Team underneath the wrecked Churchill Tank (see below):

As intimidating was the sight of the numerous grey clad figures of two full German Infantry Squads appearing in the baseline (hard cover) buildings (see below):

The German Panzer Grenadiers soon showed how deadly they could be by moving into position and pouring murderous fire into 16 Platoon's Two Inch Mortar Team, killing the loader. This was an introduction to the "if you are on table and I can see you then I can shoot at you and kill you" concept of Chain of Command. The only thing that can potentially save you is the amount and quality of cover you are in (see below):

The deadly German ("b@$|@&d") Panzer Grenadiers shown in their 'killing posture' (see below):

Being on the receiving end of concentrated fire from two MG42 is not a nice experience. I have to admit to a certain admiration for the weapon though.

Meanwhile the Second Squad of 16 Platoon shuffles slightly left using tactical movement (which increases their use of cover and thus makes them harder to hit) while the First Squad receives a "shock" marker from the attention of the German Infantry Squads in the baseline. The 'hard cover' of "Grey House" saving them from further casualties (see below):    

Then tragedy strikes on the British right flank as Third Squad from 16 Platoon becomes another victim of the German Panzer Grenadiers and their MG42's, sustaining three KIA's (including their NCO) from an unexpected angle. My inexperience of Chain of Command 'line of sight' showing here. The hedgerows were only light cover as I was moving (non tactically) in them and the 'line of sight' extended six inches into them. My confidence was being rocked as I had lost four men in a matter of murderous minutes (see below):

Trying not to panic I tried to hurriedly gather my rather confused thoughts, much to the amusement of the umpire and now gleeful German player. If the call had come for a "Taxi at the bar!" I think I would have taken it at this point.

Next: The British Regroup and introduce the Germans to "Mr Boom, Boom" (a three inch mortar meteor asteroid shower)!

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