Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chain Of Command: Normandy Campaign Game (3) - Initial Troop Deployments

The jump-off position touching "Grey House" is a God sent gift and is quickly exploited by First and Second Squads from 16 Platoon. First Squad's Bren team is deployed the second floor with its Rifle Section half in "Grey House" and stretching across to "Brown House".

The Plan: 

Second Squad deploys behind the hedge to the left of "Grey House". First Squad should provide covering fire while Second Squad will manoeuvre down the British left flank (see below):

A sniper team deploys ad-midst the wreckage of "Ken's Tank" formerly of the 9RTR. The sniper fubnnction function is to take a pop at anything German moving down the British Right flank with the hope of hitting a German NCO (see below):

The German's meanwhile have a MG42 Team, in hard cover on their baseline, gulp. The first of many I expect to see today no doubt (see below):

The "Mortar Man" (FOO to you and me) takes up position in the second floor of "Grey House". I have high hopes for this off-table support asset although in an urban setting it could as well be a curse (see below, second floor, man standing up in a full length coat):

In the opening exchanges, first blood goes to the Brits as a lucky Bren strike kills two Germans of the MG42 Team despite its hard cover. A great start, I just hope the dice stay with me for the rest of the battle: (see below)

Finally  the last action in the 'opening stage of the deployment' is 16 Platoon's 'two inch' mortar section. This is a useful smoke bellowing piece of kit bestowing cover and breaking line of sight. You cannot have too many of these useful little things to hand (see below):

The British are still holding off table their Third Squad, a senior NCO and a PIAT Team (which unless I see a Tiger coming down the street they will stay off table drinking tea and smoking cigarettes). The British Right Flank still needs to be secured. This is being Third Squad's role when (or if) they get on table. Nothing can be said to be 'for certain' in "Chain of Command" which is one of its 'strange attractions' to me.

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