Monday, 21 April 2014

HMS Implacable gets a "Lick of Paint"

My third Navwar 1/1200 Royal Navy "ship of the line" circa third rate (74), HMS Implacable, comes across the Painting Tray. The sails and deck and wooden walls get the standard three colour (shade, base and highlight) treatment and 'most' of the holes are already pre-drilled for the rigging stage (see below, sails to the foreground):

HMS Implacable is another example of a captured French warship (aka the ex-French Duguay-Trouin) that provided useful service to the Royal Navy. 

To distinguish her from the other captured Frenchman, aka HMS Canopus (previously the Le Franklin) I painted the top of her deck cabins red. Hence she can now be identified at a distance as the "red" ship so the base does not have to be picked up and annoyingly moved (never to be put back into quite the same place) from the wargames table (see below, hull now to the foreground):

While still in the painting phase I did a small trial run with the masts as a precursor to the fiddly rigging stage to see that all was well (see below):

Can you spot the difference?

I do tend to stare a lot at the 1/1200 Napoleonic Ships after I've finished the initial "painting stage" and before the treacherous "rigging stage". I think it is just a case of building up confidence before going on (see below):

Answer: The difference between the two shots being the consumption of a cup of tea by me. ;)

In Formation:

My squadron of Royal Navy 74's or 74'ish as HMS Canopus is technically an 80 gunner. I am also viewing basing sizes for the "card stock" sea I have to mount them on. There has been enough tumbling ships to date to fill my lifetime, so a more secure means of handling my Napoleonic ships is sought (see below, going left to right  HMS Thunderer, HMS Canopus and the "red" HMS Implacable):

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Sun of York said...

Look great.

Handling is a problem. I've now had two accidents with my paper Warartisan boat. One thing good about the Sails of Glory boats is that they are tough (relatively speaking - just don't try to move or bend anything). The plinths they come on look horrible in photos but certainly aid game play.

As for ship identification, we had that problem in our last game and that was just four ships each with their own player. I'm wishing I had made my main mast hollow so I could easily add a pennant. As I haven't finished the rigging I might be able to come up with something.

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Very nice indeed old chap! I have always shied away from rigging these models as I am far too much of a coward to tackle it. However, my friend, the redoubtable Mr. Fox swears that it s quite a soothing and zen-like experience when the mood is on you....;-)

All the best and looking forward to seeing the next batch.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Sun of York and David :)

These must rate as the most fragile wargaming item I have made, surpassing the Skytrex 1/144 WWI biplanes

I cannot honestly say I have reaches a Zen like state but perhaps palpable relief when it is all over