Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Dual Revisited (4): Deadly Fire

The British 'master gunners' unleashed hell, bit missed the rather large French battleship (see below, argh, don't roll a one):

The Frenchman sees his chance, but he too misses (see below)

This time the range is so close nobody can possibly miss (see below):

The British fair better in the exchange and use their superior seamanship to good effect setting up a bow rake (see below):

"Deadly Fire" ensues (see below):

One rather bedraggled and sad looking French "ship of the line" starts thinking of "going home" (see below):

Next: An interesting "morale test" to follow.

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Sun of York said...

Beautiful looking ships. I've just stared rigging my paper boat and painting the masts on one of my Sails of Glory models. Looking ship shape and properly rigged should deserve a plus on the morale test.