Friday, 18 April 2014

Chain Of Command: Normandy Campaign Game (6) - Cold Sheffield Steel andShrapnel Hell

The End Came Quickly:

Another unexpected twist in the Chain of Command sequence of play. This time the British gained the advantage by throwing three sixes in their 'command phase' meaning they get a flip-flop turn and 'go again', which meant more "mortar hell" for the Germans. Pity (a rather insincere comment from the British Commander) as the Germans were waiting patiently to play an 'end of turn' Chain of Command die to stop that "mortar barrage" smothering their baseline squads. Instead their baseline morale started to crumble with British Infantry (Second Squad from 16 Platoon) poised ready for a close assault (see below):

In Second Squad went, but there was nobody left! A couple of skull markers representing KIA but there were no German defenders, the mortar barrage had certainly done its job (see below):

Meanwhile the 'cheeky' German Panzer Grenadiers had inadvertently left themselves exposed to Third Squads counter attack led by the Senior NCO from 16 Platoon. It is lucky that British Platoons find themselves with an abundance of NCO commanders who have earned their stripes at the 'sharp end'. Although no kills were scored, half the Panzer Grenadiers were left incapacitated in a severe state of shock and the threat to the British Right Flank was abated (see below):

The British victory was sealed when the British Commander personally took control of "Grey House" second floor Bren section, having judiciously re-positioned it and with a deadly burst KIA'ed a Panzer Grenadier. The will to fight on departed from the Germans and the German Commander decided to bail out (see below):

As Wellington said "It was a close run thing". In this instance the breaks went to the British just when they needed it most.

The next campaign scenario follows up the British advance through the village on the heels of the retreating Germans. 16 Platoon's adventure continues.


James said...

What do you base your buildings on? They look really good.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I will have to ask the "owners", some are club owned and some are "player's" stuff left at the club

The craters comes from the 1990's and are GW 40K stuff

The buildings are a mixture of resin and scratch builds