Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Dual Revisited (2): Firing Commences

Ships firing like this look rather bland (see below):

But with addition of a little smoke marker, it can get quite atmospheric.

Note: It will also help when the number of ships increases (and along with it the obligatory book work and also with it the capacity for 'innocent' mistakes) with the racking of which side of a ship 'has' and 'has not' fired (see below):

The first fire was simultaneous, with the British choosing to aim their shots at the sails, masts and rigging, scoring (even at this long range) a hit to remove one French middle sail, taking the top sail with it (small pieces of paper serving as handy damage markers, needed as damaged sails etc are to be cut away one section per turn - something that was picked up in the rules since last game).

Now it was time for the Royal Navy to take the return fire from the French (see below):

Again the atmospheric smoke comes into play (see below):

But the Frenchman misses and both ships sail majestically by, note the Frenchman still frantically cutting away at the remaining sail dragging behind it in the water (see below):

Cleared for action both participants prepare for a second pass (see below):

Turning to face each other they are both 'just out' of gunnery arc and steady themselves for the onslaught in the next turn.

Note: Already, even in the early stages of combat, the Frenchman is at a disadvantage when trying to manoeuvre into position thanks to losing that middle sail (see below):

"Fire as she bears Mr Christian" (see below):

I like this shot, I find it quite atmospheric. I suppose I am also a long, long, long way away from anything that resembles a cannon ball so hence not in the least bit frightened!


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Sun of York said...

I agree about the smoke. I must add it to my naval games.