Friday, 25 April 2014

Warlock on Fire top Mountain

Here's one from my "yesterdays" (see below):

I took a trip down D&D memory lane. I must admit first time round I did not read it but picked it up in a bargain bookshop twenty years later in a bumper set.

am rather taken aback at the thought that its 25th anniversary has come and gone!

I recently solo'ed the dungeon with my eldest son and had great fun (although I did most of the reading and he did most of the dice rolling).

It goes without saying that at the end after defeating The Warlock, I (or rather "we", my son and I) had the wrong combination of keys and sat on the treasure chest feeling very sorry for myself (or rather ourselves)!

Rather than repeat the adventure until we get it right we are simply moving onto the next book!

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