Sunday, 27 April 2014

Shameful Use of Wargaming Equipment

I have to report a serious wargaming crime (see below):

A "paste table" being used for wall papering? The second offence is the DIY instruction manual which no self-respectful amateur (DIY man) would be seen using, but in my defense it is a "book" akin to a "rule book" (first edition - some twenty years old now) of instructions on how to play" (see below)

The good news is I have half a bucket of wall paper paste looking for a none DIY home improvement use. Flocking comes immediately to mind ;)

PS Yes I had some paper "trimming" still to be done on the ceiling and skirting board overlaps :)


Tim Gow said...

My own modelling table is just the right size for pasting wallpaper - it has been used for that purpose in at least four houses!

Paul Foster said...

I feel your pain mate. Good job.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tim is sounds "slippery when wet" wargaming surface. I bow to your prowess as unless provoked into another act of absurdity I will still to painting the walls where possible :)

PS Paul I have a certain respect for the "combat effectiveness" of patterned wall paper in 'ruining your day'. Unlike other forms of decorating wallpapering (pattern paper in particular) does not mix well with alcohol ;)