Saturday, 19 April 2014

Project and Painting Table Review:

"Who am I?", "what an I?" and "Where am I?" are my most confusing questions. As of January 1st 2014 I certainly did not think I would be donning a "Napoleonic Naval" cap in March/April, but as the old adage goes "variety is the spice of life!")

Active Projects:
  • Playing and Making: Napoleonic Naval (1/1200)
  • Playing and Making: (1/72:20mm) WWII 'Chain of Command' Skirmish (Normandy + others?)
  • Currently Reading: Ancients Marathon/Xenophon/Sparta and Thebes
Projects "To Pick back up": 
  • Ready and Waiting: WWII (1/200) Battalion Attack (Phil Sabin) v Miniature Rules (time to test some miniature rules [Spearhead, BGC, CDIII] against the same scenario)
  • Ready and Waiting: WWII "Plastic Kit" construction Backlog aka "The Plastic and Metal;  Mountain" - paused for respite and ready for second wind
  • Ready and Waiting: Ancients: Peloponnesian War (15mm) "The First Battle of Mantinea"  418BC using BBDBA (Big Battle DBA)
Future (and de-hibernated) Projects - "The Shape of Things to Come"(?): 
  • More Preparation Required: Circus Maximus (6mm) Avalon Hill Board (Ancient Race Horse in Chariots) Game
  • Undercoated and Ready to Start Painting: Impetus Army Unit Expansion: (25mm/28mm) Mounted Harquebusier Unit for Renaissance Period "Maximilian-Landschneckts" 
  • Army in Early Stages of Collection: (25mm/28mm) ECW Covenanter/Montrose Armies
  • Naval Musings (1) Ships Acquired but Intellectual Thoughts (Aka Rules)/Historical Reading Required : WWI/WW2 [Jutland/Bismarck Chase/Early Pacific War] 
  • Naval Musings (2) In Minds Eye Only: A strange attraction with sailing ships seems to be developing [Napoleonic has started it up (see above)] but then there is the Spanish Armada, Dutch Wars and Salamis to contend with (the latter been a "project" I know I must do)
"That's all for now folks" ... but like every other wargamer I can think of I would be very disappointed if I could not find even more material in the "loft" that I had totally forgotten about that goes "active" (did I mention my crazy 2mm Napoleonics or more traditional 15mm Franco-Prussians?)



Paul Foster said...

No moderns? Gasp!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Modern currently means WWII

I know I have a jet collection to paint up but I want to play games and things that are related to wargaming table items are currently jumping the queue

Hence the bizarre twist in tastes to Napoleonic Naval!